June 22, 2017

Hey Aniiiquettes,

Hope you’re enjoying summer as much as we are. Oh and we know a special blogger (not us haha) who sure is enjoying their summer. Guess you’ll find out who;)

Blogging has become our favourite new hobby and so we thought it would only be appropriate that a certain blogger became the topic of the day. We simply cannot wait any longer to share the stunning pictures the Norwegian blogger Kathleen @kathleenk90 took while rocking her cute GOSSY dress by Aniiiqa at no other place than Dubai. Kathleen is a fashion and lifestyle influencer and she sure does know a thing or two about fashion, because she always looks to die for. Her style is very elegant and girly, and quite frankly, we adore it. The GOSSY dress is suitable for many occasions and can be dressed up or down depending on how much you want to slay. No, but in all seriousness, the dress can be worn to various events with different attires and levels of formality. We could totally see our Aniiiquettes wearing it to a party, a fancy dinner, a wedding, a day of shopping, a birthday or simply just for sitting at home watching Netflix with a nice cup of coffee, because who says you have to have a reason to look stunning! 

The bandage dress is girly, fun and summery. It spins the concept of “off-the-shoulder” by adding a little bit of a longer sleeve below the shoulders and also the cut-off is quite unique. Our favourite part is the shape of the cut-out on the chest. And girls, we promise that the skin tight fit will make you and your feminine curves look amazing! 

To keep it simple, Kathleen paired the light pink bandage dress with a white Louis Vuitton purse, some nude heels, a pair of rose-gold-toned sunglasses and a simple, but elegant gold bracelet. AND her bold pink lips of course! To get her look you can buy her GOSSY dress right here on the website under Bandage. 

Gosh Kathleen, your beauty amazes us, but more importantly your personality and kindness warms our heart. Our close relationship and love for our Aniiiquettes around the world is also why in the near future we will have guest bloggers write on the Aniiiqa Blog. What do you Aniiiquettes think about that? We are certainly very excited and we hope you guys will be too

Thanks for the photos Kathleen,