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June 19, 2017


Hey Aniiiquettes, 

Welcome To Our Aniiiqa Blog

Hey Aniiiquettes,

Welcome to Aniiiqa's first and official blog, where we will be talking about all things fashion. We will be discussing things from new sexy little black dresses to our clothes styled and worn by celebrity fashion queens, like: the amazing and iconic Lebanese singer Shiraz, the stunning and unbelievably talented Egyptian actress Noor Al Ghandour, the beautiful Ahed Ghraizy, the fashionable Norwegian blogger Kathleen and not to mention the wonderful blogger Freshi. We promise, you won't want to miss a blog post! Here at Aniiiqa we like following trends, but even more so, we love making them. For that reason, we have our fabulous and hand picked Aniiiqa ambassadors who show us how they like to style their favourite Aniiiqa outfits and if that wasn't enough, they also take gorgeous pictures, which we of course make sure will be seen by anyone and everyone! But don't worry, we got plenty of sparkle for all of our Aniiiquettes and we know that all women were born to be in the spot light. Our clothes are much more than just clothes, they are a part of a larger vision. A vision of a world where; clothes aren't going to change the world, but the women who wear them will.

After all, we just want to help our Aniiiquettes shine the light they were born to shine, as the quote says on our favourite high lighter by Josie Maran (you should check it out!). Ah, who would have known that a high lighter could be so inspiring. Well, whoever said makeup can't be therapeutic obviously didn't know women very well. 

Until next time