June 22, 2017

Hey Aniiiquettes,
How is your day going so far? Our’s is going pretty fantastically, especially since we just got a Polyvore account! Crazy right?! Well, honestly, we are a little embarrassed to say that it took us this long to enter the Polyvore community, as it apparently totally rocks. Many of you probably know it, but it is an online community strolling with fashionistas with hearts filled with love for clothes, accessories and style. So there really isn’t a better place for us to hang out and interact with all of you. Our account is called Aniiiqa and we would love your support<3 We post sets of picture collages with pictures of our dresses and all the ways we would style Aniiiqa outfits ranging from "a night out” looks to “Audrey Hepburn inspired” looks. We love that it is similar to Instagram in the sense that you can like and comment on things you adore, but it is also very unique because you can create collages and really get creative. 
If you are not already on Polyvore, we only have great things to say about it and we definitely recommend using it. It gives you ideas for outfits and keeps you updated on trends and even gives you the opportunity to set them! So our tip for anyone new to Polyvore is: be yourself! Get creative and allow your sets and collages to be different and unique. People will love your sets if you stand out and you will love creating the sets - that’s what I call a win-win situation. 
So be sure to stay tuned for Aniiiqa on Polyvore and maybe, who knows, we will see each other there;)