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June 22, 2017

Hey Aniiiquettes, 
I have a very important question for all of you: is it just me or don’t we all secretly have a liiiiiittle dream of becoming an actress with our face on the big screen and have our life enhanced by the glitz and the glamour of the Hollywood lifestyle? Well, whatever your answer might be, I sure do have that dream, but why dream about it when you could be living your dream? That must have been what the Egyptian actress Noor Al Ghandour was thinking when she entered the entertainment industry and look at her now - beautiful, talented and an absolute sweetheart. Oh, and a true queen of fashion taste. And as she wore her Aniiiqa jumpsuit CAPRY to an interview she truly earned that title and throne and clearly showed everybody who the boss really is. And she definitely didn’t have to use any acting skills convincing us he looked fabulous - she was fabulous! The CAPRY jumpsuit by Aniiiqa is a powerful piece of clothing because while it is feminine, it is also empowering and shows that you are not scared of standing out and you are in your element when you’re in the spot light. And this is exactly why we are in love with it. CAPRY is a black and grey sleeveless bandage one piece with a meshed lace bootcut. The details of the meshed lace sort of creates a discrete floral pattern, but in a very subtle unnoticeable kind of way. 
Noor certainly knew how to style this jumpsuit by adding some subtle jewellery: a gold watch, gold rings and a diamond necklace. Oh how we love accessories. For her shoes she wore black high heels with some pretty details at the front. 
Thanks for your lovely pictures Noor, you really know how to make us smile.
And who can honestly say that fashion doesn’t get them at least a tiny bit excited? If they can, they are totally lying
Well, we may not be movie stars (yet), but we still deserve glamour in our lives, and just saying: is a great place to start getting a little more glamorous!
You will always be my stars,